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The College of Political Sciences emphasizes both on teaching and scientific research and has established and improved the incentive mechanism for scientific research by linking research performance to academic title appraisal and the year-end assessment; allocating special funds to hold seminars regularly; strengthening academic exchanges such as inviting famous experts to give lectures; providing special funds for every teacher to subscribe 1 to 2 academic journals; setting up the "Innovation Fund for Political Theory" on July 2006; integrating research force to establish three academic teams which are Sinicization of Marxism, Political Theory(International Relations) and Ideological and Political Education. In recent 5 years, the college has gained more than 3,800,000 RMB research fund and 71 projects, among which are 6 national projects and 15 provincial and ministerial subjects; it has published 467 academic papers, of which 2 papers are of core journals, 1 A & HCI journal, and 92 C-level journals; it has composed 16 academic books and got over 20 research awards, 11 of which are provincial and ministerial awards.



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