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Lyndra representatives visit West China School of Pharmacy
Prof.Yuan Huangs group Published a Review on Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Dr. Xun Sun attended the kick-off meeting of HYANJI SCAFFOLD Project funded by EU Seventh Framework

Key Laboratory
The school has 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Education, 2 key laboratories of Sichuan province (Key Laboratory of Drug Targeting and Novel Drug Delivery System and Key Laboratory of Natural Medicinal Chemistry).
Key Laboratory of Drug Targeting and Drug Delivery System of Ministry of Education
The key laboratory of Drug Targeting and Drug Delivery System is promoted from the key laboratory of Drug Targeting
With teaching and laboratory building space of more than 27,000 m2, the West China School of Pharmacy is located at the side of scenic Lotus Lake and Clock Tower on campus. It consists of 6 departments, 1 institute and 3 centers
A series of research projects are being carried out in the fields of novel drug discovery, novel dosage form development, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical pharmacy and pharmacology. Significant
The School offers 63 undergraduate courses and 64 graduate courses and has established a teaching tradition of preciseness, diligence and responsibility during the long term teaching practice
MAIL to Prescent
Main campus address:
Wangjiang campus: section of Chengdu No. 24 Southern Yihuan Code: 610065 | 29 Jiuyanqiao WangjiangRoad, Chengdu Zip: 610064
Huaxi Campus: Chengdu, Peoples SouthRoad was on the 17th Zip: 610041
Jiangan Campus: Shuangliu County, Chengdu, Sichuan road Zip: 610207
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