Construction of “211 project”
  The research on the development of innovative medicine and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine are the primary goal of the School of Pharmacy. Owing to the construction of subordinate programs of “211 project” -- “project of innovative medicine and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine” during the period of the 10th five-year, with the combination of relative subjects of the School of Chemistry and the School of Chemical Engineering of SCU, the School of Pharmacy has built distinctive multidisciplinary research strengths ranging from natural science, engineering to medicinal science on innovative drug research.
  During the period of subordinate project construction, more than 30,000,000 RMB was invested for the construction of Pharmacy research and teaching building. More than 4,000,000 RMB for special construction funded by “211 project” was used for important instruments such as LC-MS to further improve research facilities and services. Significant progress has been made in the areas of computer assisted design, synthesis and characterization of osteal-targeted and liver-targeted prodrug, targeted drug delivery system, traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine, pharmaceutical engineering technology and green chemistry.
  In the past five years, this subordinate program of “211 Project” has supported by 1 National High-Tech R&D program (863 program), 1 key project of National Natural Science Foundation,3 key projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 projects of the Trans-Century Training Program Foundation for Talents from the Ministry of Education, 29 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects of the Foundation for Distinguished Young Scientists of Sichuan Province, 6 projects of the doctoral Sustentation Fund. 45 projects supported by other funds and more than 300 projects cooperated with pharmaceutical companies. The amount of scientific research funds was above 30 million RMB. One innovative drug was produced with independent intellectual property rights. 2 doctoral dissertations were awarded as National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations with another one nominated. More than 700 academic papers were published, among which 110 papers were cited by SCI. Two academic monographs, Molecular Elements of Targeting Therapy and Design of Targeting Medicine and Compilation of Pictures of Tibetan Herbal Medicine, were published and the national uniform textbook Medicinal Chemistry was granted the first award of Excellent Teaching References recommended by the Ministry of Education. The School has obtained 50 scientific and technical awards by National Ministry and Sichuan province such as “outstanding technical innovation”, “the first awards of National Natural Science” nominated by MOE and “outstanding technical innovation of Higher Education of China”, etc. 14 patents were applied and 7 were sanctified, 2 of which gained the American approval.


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