Xuefei Huang [Associate Professor]

Tel: +86-28-85416050

Email: x.f.huang.123@163.com

Research Interests: Dr. Xuefei Huang has been engaging in the research on the relationship between microstructure and properties of advanced metallic structural materials since he began to carried out his Ph.D project in Tsinghua University in 2008, where his focus was mainly on the precipitation behaviors in Mg alloy. After he joined Sichuan University in 2013, he still focuses his study on the phase transformation behaviors in various metallic materials, both experimentally and theoretically. His specific research fields includes: microstructure design and property control of engineering materials, solid-state phase transformations and the corresponding microstructure evolution theories, computation and simulation of microstructure and so on.


Publication List:

[1] X.-F. Huang, and W.G. Huang. Crystallography of the Mg2Y precipitates in a damping Mg-Cu-Mn-Zn-Y alloy. Journal of Applied Crystallography. 2016, 49: 2031-2035.  

[2] W.D. Li, X.-F. Huang, and W.G. Huang. Effects of Ca, Ag addition on the microstructure and age-hardening behavior of a Mg-7Sn (wt%) alloy. Materials Science and Engineering: A. 2017, 692: 75-80.

[3] X.-F. Huang, Y.B. Du, W.D. Li, Y.T. Chai and W.G. Huang. Effects of Ag content on the solid-solution and age-hardening behavior of a Mg-5Sn alloy. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2017, 696: 850-855. 

[4] X.-F. Huang, A.L. Wu, Q. Li, W.G. Huang. Effects of extrusion and Ag, Zn addition on the age-hardening response and microstructure of a Mg-7Sn alloy, Materials Science and Engineering A, 2016, 661: 233-239.

[5] Q.G. Li, X.-F. Huang, and W.G. Huang. Microstructure and mechanical properties of a medium-carbon bainitic steel by a novel quenching and dynamic partitioning (Q-DP) process. Materials Science and Engineering: A. 2016, 662: 129-135.

[6] X.-F. Huang, W.L. Liu, Y.Y. Huang, H. Chen, W.G. Huang. Effect of a quenching-long partitioning treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a 0.2 C% bainitic steel, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2015, 222:181-187.

[7] Z.X. Xia, C. Zhang, X.-F. Huang, W.B. Liu and Z.G. Yang. Improve oxidation resistance at high temperature by nanocrystalline surface layer. Scientific reports. 2015, 5.

[8] X.-F. Huang, Z.-Z. Shi, W.-Z. Zhang. Transmission electron microscopy investigation and interpretation of the morphology and interfacial structure of the e'-Mg54Ag17 precipitates in an Mg-Sn-Mn-Ag-Zn alloy, Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2014, 47:1676-1687.

[9] X.-F. Huang and W.-Z. Zhang. Characterization and interpretation of interfacial structure of the Mg2Sn laths in an Mg-Sn-Mn-Ag-Zn alloy. Philosophical Magazine Letters, 94: pp.251-259, 2014.

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