Li Gou [Professor]


Tel: +86-28-85401280


Research Interests:

My recent research focuses on preparation and applications of film, ceramic together with glass-ceramic. Particular topics include diamond film, luminescent material based on YAG, dental glass-ceramics.


Publication List:

1.         Ren Yixuan, Gou Li, Ran JunguoEffect of PEG Addition on the Properties of YAG:Ce Phosphor Synthesized via Homogeneous Precipitation Method, Rare Metal Materials and Engineering2015449):2100-2104

2.         Liu dan, Gou Li, Ran Junguo et al. Cytotoxicity of Boron-doped Nanocrystalline Diamond Films Prepared by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition, Plasma Science & Technology,2015,17(7): 574-578

3.         Xuewei You, Li Gou, Xingye TongImprovement in Surface Hydrophilicity and Resistance to Deformation of Natural Leather through O2/H2O Low-temperature Plasma TreatmentApplied Surface Science,2016,(11): 308-402

4.         Dan Liu , Li Gou, Junjie Xu , Kangning Gao, Xing KangInvestigations on etching resistance of undoped and boron doped polycrystalline diamond films by oxygen plasma etchingVacuum201612680-84

5.          Yang Chen, Li Gou, Impact resistance performance of diamond film on a curved molybdenum substrate, Philosophical Magazine Letters,2017,97(8), 304-310


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