Guangfu Yin [Professor]


College of Materials Science and Engineering,

Sichuan University

No.24, South 1st Section, 1st Ring Road, Chengdu, China


Tel.:  86-28-85413003

Guangfu YIN got his PhD degree in biomedical engineering from Sichuan University. Since 1985, he has worked at Chengdu University of Science & Technology and Sichuan University as lecturer, associate professor and professor. Professor YIN is currently the deputy director of Teaching Guiding Committee for Biomedical Engineering of Chinese Ministry of Education, the standing member of the Council of Biomaterials Branch of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, the member of the Council of Chinese society of biomaterials, and the vice president of Sichuan Biomedical Engineering Society.

Professor YIN has long been engaged in teaching and research in the Bone Tissue Engineering, the Targeting Drug Controlled Release System, and the Nano Biomedical Devices, and has made a series of achievements in related fields, such as the novel biodegradable and osteoinductive composite, the targeted drug controlled release system prepared by supercritical fluid technology, the regulation mechanism of multiple growth factors on bone regeneration, the drug controlled release system with dual targeting function of tumor cell surface and vascular endothelial receptor, as well as the biopanning of tumor cell targeted peptides by phage peptide library. He was the first author or the corresponding author of over 100 publications, and has been authorized more than 20 national invention patents.

Main academic research fields

Bone Tissue Engineering Biomaterials   

Targeting Drug Controlled Release System

Nano Biomedical Materials and Devices

Dental and Stomatologic Materials  

Surface and Interface of Biomaterials

Majors and Research Areas to Recruit Doctor / Master candidates

Biomedical Engineering (0831):


  Drug controlled release delivery system

  Tissue engineering and artificial organs

  Dental restorative materials and process

Materials Science and Engineering (0805):

              Advanced inorganic materials and functional composites

              Preparation mechanism of advanced low-dimension materials


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