The Song of Winter singing competition held successfully
On Dec 13th 2010, presented by material college ,the The Song of  Winter singing competition was successfully held in the happy party KTV. The range of the singers consisted of the whole undergraduates and graduate students . At last ,17 singer got lucky and enter the next circle.  The instructor of graduate students Wang jiang ,deputy head of school arts council Chen shi, Chen Yanwen ,Wang Qinghe and Wang Xinxin were appointed as the guest judges.

The competition was started with the song Chen shi sang .The first one was given by He mian by saying black humor. Then Wang Hong fei showed up with a pair of cool black glasses ,which impressed them a lot. Li Pingping sang Father from the bottom of his heart which was very touching.

At the end of the happy time , all the judges took the mike ,co-singing with the students there. It's an unforgettable experience.
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