The material college teaching and student management seminar in 2010 held
On Dec 4th 2010, The material college  teaching and student management seminar in 2010 was held . Secretory Zhu Jianguo , dean Yin Guangfu ,assistant dean Liu yin, Sun Xiaosong, Deputy Secretary Tang Shihong , Chairman of the Trade Union Zhou Dali and  all the other teachers were present, hosted by professor Zhu Jianguo.

Firstly, Secretory Zhu Jianguo put forward the topic , student cheating in the exams;students employment situation ; graduate enrollment remaining issues, etc. Then, instructors in every grade and teachers in charge of enrollments reported on the exam management , graduate employment situation and other problems in the management. Professor Yin Guangfu pointed out that we should pay attention on  outstanding students cheating on the exams and various minds which did harm to the employment.

After a heat discuss, the conference established several measures:
1 Hold a joint conference about student work and enrollment management;
2 Standardize the rules of exam management;
3 Build a research team on instructing students’ employment and Career Plan Class;
4 Fulfill development of student being party rules, selection of student leaders rules, Scholarship assessment regulations
5 Generate an employment situation summary report on the graduates students in 2010

At last, secretary Zhu Jianguo summarized the meeting and came up with some advice on how to instruct students to realize the Society and resist the unhealthy customs, and start some related work.
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