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Materials Science and Engineering has played a critical role in the technological evolution of our society, from structural steels to optoelectronics and information processing. College of Materials Science and Engineering of Sichuan University was established in 2001 with the merger of the Department of Materials Science; the Department of Metal Materials Engineering and the Department of Inorganic Materials and Biomechanical Engineering. Although a relatively young College, MSE actually was built on a tradition of excellence that dates back to the 1950’, when Sichuan University was required to have a program as part of its mission as a nation-grant institution. 

Now, College of Materials Science and Engineering of Sichuan University is set up with 3 departments; 1 province key laboratory, 1 ministry key engineering centers: 4 province institutes. The college is organized by 5 undergraduate majors (materials physics, materials chemistry, metallic materials engineering, inorganic non-metal materials engineering and biomedical engineering), 6 master and doctor programs (materials physics, materials chemistry, materials science, biomedical engineering, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, condensed physics and optic engineering), 3 post-doctor programs (materials science and engineering, biomedical engineering and physics). The majors of materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering are the first-class national key disciplines. And the materials science, biomedical engineering, materials process engineering, and materials physics and chemistry are national key disciplines also.

College of Materials Science and Engineering of Sichuan University has fine conditions for experimental education. The Materials Science and Engineering Experimental Center, which is composed of 5 basic experimental major laboratories, has total used area of more than 4000 m2. The instruments and devices with total price of more than 20 million RMB guarantees the systematical experiment and comprehensive quality training for students. 

The faculties and staffs in the college have long experience on the research and instruction on materials science and engineering, biomedical engineering, condensed physics and the relevant fields. They successively take on varies projects from National Natural Science Foundation, National “863” and “973” projects, and so on. The college have attain many achievements on the aspects of new optoelectronic information materials and devices, piezoelectric functional materials, new energy materials, new metallic functional materials, nanomaterials, biomedical materials and artificial organs, biomedical image process and solid state spectrum. Recently, the researchers in the college have received 3 National Invent Awards, 1 National Science and Technology Improvement Award and more than 10 province-class science and technology improvement awards. In the recent decade, more than 1,100 articles were published on the international or the national journals, and among them, 1,100 ones were recruited by 《SCI》or 《EI》, and high level articles are increasing.

College of Materials Science and Engineering of Sichuan University has about 1250 undergraduates, 400 graduates and 10 post doctors. Elite students from all of the country study in good academic atmosphere of College of Materials Science and Engineering of Sichuan University and has gained excellent achievement.

The college has wide cooperation with national and international universities or research institutions, such as University of Washington, University of Maryland, University of California at Los Angles, Queen Marry School at London University, University of London (QMUL), Nanyang Technological University, and some domestic universities and institutions, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Institute of Physics in Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Metal in Chinese Academy of Science and Shanghai Institute of Ceramics in Chinese Academy of Science. Many students in the college have more opportunities to go to study and to be high qualified talents in domestic or international universities and institutions.

Our mission is to educate the very best young materials engineers and researchers, and to provide an environment where innovative and productive interdisciplinary materials researchers and engineers engage in the development of new fundamental knowledge of materials science and engineering, responding to the needs of our province, the nation and the world.

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