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The School of Manuf-

 acturing Science and
 Engineering has a state
 key discipline and a provincial key discipline,
 they respectively are materials science and

 engineering, mechanical ...



The School of Manufacturing Science and Engineering is one of the largest and the most comprehensive schools in Sichuan University, with a history for more than 60 years. The School has four departments, twelve research institutes, a national experimental teaching demonstration center, three provincial key laboratories, and a university center.

The School has staff of 198, including 27 professors and 35 associate professors and researchers. Currently, over 3000 students are enrolled including 560 Master and PhD candidates. There are four programs for Bachelor candidates, thirteen and six for Master and PhD candidates respectively, a key discipline at the national level and a key discipline at the provincial level. The School has established an integrated personnel training and research system with distinctive features. Many disciplines and major fields have a decided superiority in the country.

In the past few years, more than 100 scientific and technical achievements have been identified, and most applied to industries. All national, provincial and ministerial prizes add up to 20. On average, the School takes on over 50 research programs and has more than 5 academic works published and 350 research papers a year.

The School devotes considerable efforts to develop international academic exchanges. In recent five years, it has given more than 40 invitations to prominent foreign scientists to teach or conduct research, sent 45 students and visiting scholars abroad for advanced study, provided 35 opportunities for persons to go abroad to attend international conferences to present courses or lectures, and to join research programs.


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