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Program Guide for Industrial Design
Academic discipline: Engineering                               Code: 08 
Category: Machinery                                        Code: 0803 
Program: Industrial Design                           Program Code: 080303 
1.        Program Objective
This program trains the senior specialized personnel of higher overall qualities with basic theory, skill and professional knowledge in the domain of industrial design. In the professional design and planning department of the enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, etc, our graduates can be engaged in product development, shape-designing, media's design, propaganda design, environment design and the management of these designs, can also be engaged in relevant teaching and scientific research.
2.        Basic Program Requirements
Through the studying of basic theory and knowledge of industrial design, our students have comprehensive background knowledge and experience to deal with problems such as the pertinence of market, function and form, safe and pleasant, economy of market ,etc for products, can solve the problem in such aspects as concrete structure and material, appearance and craft, propagating and planning, Have basic ability of model, propaganda in products design, can grasp and be familiar with the computer assistant design method, possess the creativity ability to combine the  aesthetic design and structural design.
The graduate should possess the following knowledge and ability: 
1)      Have stronger humanity, art and social science rudimentary knowledge;
2)      Grasp rudimentary knowledge such as the industrial engineering foundation, the foundation of design and exhibition, design theory, design basis, ergonomics, model material and processing, CAD, marketing and business administration, etc, more systematically;
3)      Have stronger skill of exhibition, and the ability of aesthetics appreciation and innovative design, stronger ability of using foreign language and CAD, and the ability of new products research and development;
4)      Stronger ability of self-study, scientific research, scientific and technological development and organizing management, and higher overall qualities.
3.        Main disciplines:Art trains, design theory, process design.
4.         Core courses: Basics of Arts in Industrial Design, Constitutes for Design, Man-Machine Engineering, 3D Modeling,Rendering & Animation, Product Design, Structure Design of Products, Basics of CAID, etc.
5.        Terms: Four years(recommended) or 3-6 years(flexible)
6.        Credits of compulsory course and Minimum Credits of elective course
Credits of compulsory courses: 143
Minimum credits of elective courses: 37
7.        Minimum Total Credits for Graduation:180
8.        Degree: Bachelor of Engineering


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