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Program Guide for Measurement & Control Technology And Instrument
Academic Discipline: Engineering                            Code: 08
Category: Instrument                                         Code: 0804
Program: Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument
Program Code: 080401
1.      Program Objective
This program adopts a broadened educational model that is based upon cultivating a versatile person. Students accept good moral character cultivating and cultural training, while having wide professional theoretical basic knowledge and firm practical research skills. They can be competent for jobs such as industrial products research, design and manufacture, maintenance and management in the fields of precision instruments, optical and electronic test, equipment of measurement and control technology.
2.      Basic Program Requirements
Surrounding in obtaining, processing, transiting and controlling of information, students must master the basic theories of optics, mechanism, electrician and electron, the theory of measurement and control, the theory of error and signal processing, and the technology of network communication and computer. They must learn the method in designing measurement and controlling instruments and applying computer synthetically, and should understand the latest news and developed trend of the instrumentation subject.
The graduates should possess the following knowledge and ability:
1)      Have stronger humanistic, artistic and social science rudimentary knowledge.
2)      Have firm knowledge in physical science which are necessary for this major, including mathematics, physics, computer and foreign language, etc.
3)      Master basic theory and design method in accuracy machine design, electrical and electronic technology, and optical technology.
4)      Master the basic principles of automatic control theory, error and signal processing theory, microcomputer system design theory.
5)      Master the design and application method of transducers, measuring and controlling circuits, intelligent instruments and measurement and control systems.
6)      Have strong ability in computer applications in connection with measurement and control systems.
7)      Master a foreign language .Have good ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing of the general English and subject-specific reading.
8)      Have analytical and solving skills in engineering practice problem.
3.      Main disciplines:   instrument science and technology
4.      Core courses: Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Principles of Automatic Control, Accuracy Machine design, Error Theory and Data Processing, Transducers, Measuring & controlling circuits, Design of Measurement & Control Instrument, etc.
5.      Terms: Four years(recommended) or 3-6 years(flexible)
6.      Credits of compulsory course and Minimum Credits of elective course
Credits of compulsory courses: 138
Minimum credits of elective courses: 42
7.      Minimum total credits for graduation:180
8.      Degree: Bachelor of Engineering


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