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Program Guide for Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Their Automation
Academic Discipline: Engineering                    Code: 08
Category: Mechanical Engineering                   Code: 0803
Program: Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Their Automation                                
Program Code: 080301
1.      Program Objective
This program is aimed to cultivate high-level students with competitiveness. The outcome of the program is professional talents that are open-minded and innovative and with basic theory, skills and specialty basis in the field of modern mechanical design and manufacturing engineering. There are six minor programs: Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Information-based Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechatronics Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and CNC Technology. After graduation, the students can either continue post-graduate study or engage in the fields of mechanical design, manufacturing, scientific research and development, applied research, management, sales and so on in industries, institutes, universities and other units.
2.      Basic Program Requirements
The students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing ,accept the basic training of modern mechanical engineer, master the basic ability of modern mechanical and electro-mechanical product design, manufacturing, control and production management, familiarize themselves with electronic technology, computer application technology and information processing technology, obtain the state of the art of modern manufacturing disciplines. After graduation the students should master the following knowledge and abilities.
1)        possess good humanities, arts and social science-based knowledge;
2)        systematically master the knowledge and skills of technical fundamentals, such as engineering mathematics, engineering mechanics, mechanics, electricity, electronics, mechanical engineering materials, mechanical design, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, automatic control basis, sensors and measurement technology, computer-aided design and manufacturing, modern enterprise management, and so on ;
3)        possess the necessary capacity of professional foreign language and computer applications, such as computer graphics, computer-aided measurement, computer-aided design and manufacturing, computer control and interface design technology, and literature search capabilities;
4)        process certain scientific research and development ability ,organization and management ability;
5)        process strong innovative and self-learning ability ;
6)        understand the state of the art of mechanical design, manufacturing and development of mechanical manufacturing industries in China.
3.      Main Disciplines: mechanical engineering, computer science and technology
4.      Core Courses: Mechanical Graphics, Theoretical Mechanics, Fundamentals of Electrical Technology, Mechanical Principle, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering, Numerical Control Technology, Fluid power transmission and control
5.      Terms: Four years(recommended) or 3-6 years(flexible)
6.      Credits of compulsory course and Minimum Credits of elective course
Credits of compulsory courses: 134
Minimum credits of elective courses: 46
7.      Minimum Total Credits for Graduation:180
8.      Degree: Bachelor of Engineering


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