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Program Guide for Materials Forming and Controlling Engineering
Academic Discipline: Engineering                          Code: 08
Category: Mechanical                                    Code: 0803
Program: Material Forming and Control Engineering      
Program Code: 080302
1.      Program Objective:
This program is the technique profession with the wide bore, consisting of mechanical engineering, material engineering, and computer technique. High level engineering talented person can be cultured. They are expert in the basis theory and skill of the material molding and control engineering, employing in the choice and use of the engineering material, material design and the technical of preparation, material confectioning craft, mould design and manufacture, computer using in the material engineering. They can work in the area of production management, science research, teaching, commercial transaction and so on. The graduate can take up an occupation in the metallurgy, mechanical, material, light industry, aerospace, electron and electric appliance.
2.      Basic Program Requirements
The students in this specialty gain the basic capacity of development and applications of engineering materials, molding processing for various types materials , mold design and manufacturing, computer application, production management and product trade by the study of forming the basis of engineering and control theory and basic knowledge and the modern mechanical engineer basic training. They also understand the forefront and development tendency of molding material subject. Graduates in this specialty should be gain the knowledge and ability As follows:
1)        The knowledge of good humanities and art and the application ability of computer;
2)        Systemic master the basic knowledge of the engineering graphics, machine design, engineering materials science, material molding principles and forming, mold design and manufacture, testing and control of engineering materials,  application of computer in Materials Science, new technologies and advanced materials of materials engineering , automation foundation, business management, marketing and so on;
3)        The basic technical ability of foreign languages, computer graphics, testing, CAD / CAM, computer technology, the document retrieval and basic process operation in this specialty.
4)        The certain capability of development and innovation on scientific research, self-learning and organizational management.
3.      Main Disciplines: Materials Processing Engineering、Mechanical Engineering、Materials Science and Engineering.
4.      Core Courses: Foundation of Material Science, Heat and Mass Transport, Engineering Materials, Material Formation Technology, Material Formation Technology, Welding Engineering, Powder Metallurgy Engineering, Surface Engineering.
5.      Terms: Four years(recommended) or 3-6 years(flexible)
6.      Credits of compulsory course and Minimum Credits of elective course
Credits of compulsory courses: 135
Minimum credits of elective courses: 45
7.      Minimum Total Credits for Graduation:180
8.      Degree: Bachelor of Engineering


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