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There are five research

 areas in the school ,which
 related to mechanical
 engineering,measurement and instrumenta-
 tion , materials science and engineering,

 biomedical ...



SCU-Strathelyde Product Design Summer Camp Has Started

     On July 5th, 2010, the delegation from University of Strathelyde, including one faculty member and six students, came to the School of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, and SCU-Strathelyde Product Design Summer Camp (PDSC) has formally started.
     School of Manufacturing Science and Engineering of SCU has established a good relationship with University of Strathelyde in Great Britain in the recent years. Academic programs of both sides such as “2+2” joint school study program, academic visits and scientific research cooperation are well under way. This fourteen-day PDSC is the first visit from University of Strathelyde, and students from both sides will form several teams to participate in a domestic industrial design competition. Moreover, they will take part in engineering training, model design and manufacturing, culture communication and sodality in the weekend, etc.


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