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Main Research Areas in the School
Characteristics in Research
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The School of Manuf-

 acturing Science and
 Engineering has a state
 key discipline and a provincial key discipline,
 they respectively are materials science and

 engineering, mechanical ...



Characteristics in Research
The school takes full advantages of its disciplines covering a wide range, and actively integrates machine - electricity - material - measurement together. The realization of integration and cross each other of different disciplines formed a common key base to support the research on modern manufacturing technology, computer information collection and processing technology, automatic control technology, modern materials forming technology, advanced materials and the preparation of technology, precision machinery and the monitoring and control technology, computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, modern processing techniques for the special characteristics of a comprehensive engineering disciplines. At the same time, modern design and industrial design, CAD and CAE, multimedia technology, computer graphics image processing, product design principles and methods have gradually formed its own characteristics in the state.

1. Intelligent Systems and Co-creative Design
The activities of research in the field include: Intelligent CAD architecture, mechanical design expert system principles, parallel design, network design and collaborative approach manufacturer, theory of knowledge, Space-time information based on modeling of mechanical design knowledge discovery technology, based on Gene Expression Programming (GEP) for the core technical knowledge, the concept of knowledge-based innovation system design, product innovation and design creativity model and the key attributes, WEB-based services, information technology, Muti-Agent-based technology products, machinery and the principle of co-design applications.
• Technology and network resource management tools distributed CAPP system (SCU-CAPPTOOL): the key technical issue in the manufacturing industry is to build information system platform in the manufacturing process.
• Plant production and resource management information systems based on the model of agile manufacturing: rely on the principles of agile manufacturing model, the combination of plant information management system, the workshop production process information management, document management, to optimize production systems and other functions.
• CIMS project: the establishment of information technology sub-system (TIS), Management Information System (MIS), the quality of information on computer-added-sub-systems (CAQ) and manufacturing automation sub-systems (MAS) as one of DFEM-CIMS, to achieve the optimization of resources and information integration, the optimal structure to adapt to the needs of enterprise computer application systems environment.
• Computer-aided design: Knowledge-based innovative design, application of knowledge in the field of design, as well as the knowledge that the access and so on; based on a psychological study of creative thinking; development of the regular pattern for invention based on technology systems, stressing to resolve contradictions in the evolution of technology systems, with emphasis on problem solving invention.

2. Manufacturing Technology and Equipments under the Extreme Conditions
Manufacturing technology and equipments under the extreme conditions mainly refers to the non-destructive test, high precision measurement for large-scale engineering structures or large components in mechanical engineering, as well as the special circumstances of the case materials, parts and components and the key technologies for forming, including molding process analysis and optimization technology, laser technology-based ultra-precision measurement, inspection in high-temperature, high pressure and corrosive materials.
• Numerical simulation of forming processing for large-scale or large parts: research on the numerical simulation and optimization of the workpiece temperature field, stress and strain field in the forming process, the key technology to optimize and improve the product quality and the level of the manufacturing process, such as: large foundry casting process simulation and optimization technology.
• High-precision measurement of large scale components without any rail system: based on the advanced signal acquisition and processing technology to achieve a laser-based measurement of the beat node without rail measurement system.
• Special functional materials research and preparation: research on high-temperature damping magnetic iron alloy, which can be used at around 300 centigrades high temperature and high pressure, water corrosion, erosion and even corrosion vacuoles, remaining very good damping performance, such as the main damping alloy pump preparation.
• Non-destructive testing technology: research on ultrasonic and magnetic leakage auto-inspection systems or machine vision systems for detecting defects in welding, forging, casting components and so on. Oil pipes, CNG well, key components in large-scale power generation equipment, nuclear power equipment and a variety of channels, aircraft components and structures, pressure vessels docking of the welded joint, high-speed high-precision machine tools, vehicles are required to conduct a comprehensive non-destructive testing for its quality and life evaluation.
• Surface strengthens for heavy equipment in high temperature, corrosion, wear and tear, and other serious extreme conditions. Using the heat escaped from the surface of heavy-duty cast parts to adjust the thickness of the surface layer and making the heavy-duty equipment to work under the extreme conditions.

3. Machine Vision Systems and On-line Inspection
Combined with a variety of projects relating to measurement and optical imaging technology, digital technology and computer technology, research on new type of machine vision systems with high accuracy and high speed. Key techniques are irregular imaging systems and algorithm for irregular image processing.
• The principle and structure model of the new type of machine vision system, acquisition of irregular visual information, computational model of visual attention in machine vision inspection and the algorithm for location of suspect target area.
• Artificial intelligence-based reasoning and knowledge base to support the image processing methods, research for aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, auto manufacturing, railway construction and assembly in the field of rapid on-site measurements.
• Aircraft manufacturing key equipment: retractable landing gear of the amount of dynamic test: Line array CCD with a special and objective measurement of the optical measuring devices, the realization of non-contact optical measurement, shows three-dimensional displacement dynamic changes in the movement, speed, acceleration, and other dynamic features. On-board fuel measurement and control system: The aircraft, on-board fuel level, flow, density measurements, in order to ensure flight safety.

Process Control System and On-Line Test
Mainly engaged in on/off -line test, monitor of accessory process procedure control and product quality.
Accessory molding controlling system: Adopting the design of standardization, modularization and serialization, with Centralized Display System connected by communication network of process control level, control management level and production management level, computer-control system with high reliability of operation and management. For example: Mold-closing controlling system of integral arc-shaped windshield glass molding.
On-line monitor and control system: Used as real-time monitor so as to guarantee quality of products. For example: monitoring system of Nuclear Fuel construction and formation, On-line monitor and control system of ultra-sonic integrated circuit down-lead jointing,etc. All this achievement can be applied in research of on-line quality monitoring system of Electron Beam Welder-based airplane parts jointing.

Material Study and Special Material Forming Technology
It is engaged principally in field of special material synthesis and preparation, special material forming technology and computer-aided material forming technology. Researching on preparation of advanced heat-proof wear proof and corrosion resistance material and application of AERO, Auto, metallurgical machinery etc.
Special material research and preparation:basic research of iron-based ferromagnetic shape memory alloys and oil and gas pipe joints. These provided oil and gas department a kind of new corrosion resistance, highly pressurized, free welding, and free joint coating technology and material for a number of small and medium size pipeline. Special material research also include: research on engineering material of titanium alloy, special cast aluminum alloy and so on.
Near-net-sharp and green molding:research on liquid molding technology, optimize molding process, no sub-surface shape, to obtain casting with high precision and internal density, and reduce the environment pollution greatly and to realize green manufacturing.
Computer-aided material forming technology:numerical simulation analysis on material forming process using CAD technology,especially focusing on optimizing CAD system of material forming technology to realize high quality and high efficient design of forming technology.


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