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Physical Education and athletic Training

This programe started in 1997 which concentrated on the following area:

1. Teaching methods in Physica Eduation

2. Athletic Trainning

3. Sports Curriculum

Degree Requirements
In order to aquire their master of Education Degree from this programe,students must meet the following requirments:
1. Master's Thesis

2. 1 or 2 Journal articles in your acdemic area

3. 36 credit hr.


Required Core Courses


Y-322    3cr.    Physical Activity and Health
Y-414    3cr.    Seminar in Physical Activity, Fitness and Wellness
Y-562    3cr.    The Sport Industy
Y-645    3cr.    Introduction to Research in Health, Kinesiology
Y-712    3cr.    Organization and Administration of P.E
Y-841    3cr.    Sport and Leisure
Y-912    3cr.    Sport Communication
F-452    3cr.    Computer Appications in Sports.
Y-715    3cr.    Legal issues in Sports.
Y-913    3cr.    Sports Histroy.

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