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Human movement studies

Enrollment started in 2004 which concentrated on the following area:

1. Sports Nutrition.

2. Sports and Healthy Promotion.

3.Measurement and Evaluation of P.E

Degree Requirements
In order to aquire their master of Education Degree from this programe,students must meet the following requirments:
1. Master's Thesis

2. 1 or 2 Journal articles in your acdemic area

3. 36 credit hr.


Required Core Courses

Y-912    3cr.    Introduction to research in Health,Kinesiology.
Y-112    3cr.    Physiological basis of Human Performance.
Y-212    3cr.    Exercise,Health and Disease.
Y-121    3cr.    Exercise Nutrition.
Y-132    3cr.    Health Programe Evaluation.
Y-112    3cr.    Statistics .
Y-412    3cr.   Biological Chemistry.
Y-113    3cr.    Measurements and Analysis of Human movement.
Y-512    3cr.    Exercise Prescription.

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