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Instruction and drill in techniques of the forehand drive, the backhand drive and the serve; instruction on volleys, lobs and smashes at the discretion of the instructor; instruction in the basic rules, elementary court strategy and tactics for singles (depending on class size) and doubles, and in tennis customs, courtesies and etiquette.

Low Intermediate:
For students who have had elementary instruction but have played very little since. For other who know the general idea of strokes, tactics, and strategy but have played too little to be able to apply their strokes to play. Class covers strokes, rules, etiquette, tactics for singles and doubles.

Review of the techniques of the forehand and backhand drives and volleys, varieties of serves, lobs and smashes; instruction in court strategy for singles and doubles; use of spin on all shots for control and variety.

High Intermediate:
Review of fundamental strokes and shots with emphasis on provisions for individual differences and preferences while emphasizing mechanically sound techniques. Practice in using a variety of game plans and in playing against those plans. Drills covering five basic play situations: serving, returning serves, baseline rallies, going to the net and playing the net, and playing against the net player. Competition will be provided in the form of "play for practice."

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