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Program Development and Research Introduction
Dated back to original establishment in 1944, The School of Electrical Engineering Information has a long history of more than sixty years. The modern SEEI is founded in 1998 based on Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Automation, and Department of Applied Electronics of Chengdu University of Science and Technology.
SEEI concentrates on high level researches and teaching as well. With seven teaching and research divisions including Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Automation, Department of Communication Engineering, Department of Medical Information Engineering, Basic Research and Teaching Experiment Center for Electrical Engineering and Electronics Techniques, Technical Research and Teaching Experiment Center of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and Intelligent Electric Power Grid Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, SEEI offers programs covering Electrical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, and Biomedical Information to more than 2600 students in undergraduate and graduate level. To better serve our students, SEEI established Provincial Education Base for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, and a University Teaching Base for Electrical and Electronics Technology.
In recent three years, SEEI has made great achievements in both teaching and researches. We have published twelve academic monographs and textbooks, more than five hundreds papers on scientific journals or conferences home or abroad, within which 236 thesis are selected by SCI or EI. SEEI is responsible for more than 160 research projects proposed by the state and province. SEEI also developed cooperation with foreign academic and research institutions in United Kingdom, German, the United States, and Hong Kong and large enterprises.
The Department of Electrical Engineering, developed from the former Department of Electrical Engineering of Chengdu Polytechnic Institute (Sichuan University) founded in the 40’s of last century and later, Chengdu University of Science and Technology in the 50’s, offers one doctoral program in Electrical Power System and Automation, five masters’ program MS Electrical Power System and Automation, MS Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, MS Electrical Machinery and Apparatus, MS High-Voltage and Insulation Techniques, M.Eng Electrical Engineering (professional degree), and one undergraduate program Electrical Engineering and Automation.  Faculty researches focus on four fields: electrical power system and automation, relay protection and remote techniques, power market, and power electronics. In addition to full-time programs, SEEI enrolled more than 300 undergraduates and 60 graduate students in distance college diploma programs and undergraduate programs every year.
The Department of Electrical Engineering engages in and has accomplished a large number of research projects. Most of these projects are National Natural Science Foundation projects, State Grid key engineering projects, and more than 100 integration research projects. Average annual research budget for the Department is more than 13 millions. The Department has published more than 240 papers, of which 110 papers are indexed by the three great indexes. Course Electrical System Analysis won the honor of Exquisite Course awarded by Sichuan Province, and over 10 textbooks, belonging to the National Textbook Plan and Tenth Five-Year Textbook Plan, have been published.
The Department of Automation offers three master’s programs: MS Control Theory and Engineering, MS Measurement and Automation Devices, M.Eng Control Engineering (professional degree), and one undergraduate program B.Eng Automatic Control. Each year, the Depart takes in more than 200 undergraduates and 30 graduates for full time study.
In recent three years, the Department has accomplished 20 research projects of national and provincial level, published more than 100 papers, of which 60 papers are indexed by the three great indexes, 100 published by key domestic or international professional periodicals.
The Department of Communication Engineering was first established in year 1972 as Supervisory Control and Communication, and re-named as Information Engineering in 1978, and in 1988 finalized as Department of Communication Engineering. At present, the Department offers one master’s degree in Signal and Information Processing and an undergraduate program in Communication Engineering. Currently, more than 100 undergraduate students and 30 graduate students are enrolled every year.
In the past three years, we have completed about 50 Natural Science Foundation of China, municipal projects, and integration projects. Faculty of the Department has published more than 100 papers, among which 40 are selected by three great indexes. Research of the faculty focuses on wireless data system and Ad hoc networks, NMN and supervision, modern signal processing, broadband network, network protocol and application, intelligent traffic network, GPS location, and radio embedded system and so on. Each year the Department enjoys a research fund of more than two millions Yuan.
Medical Information Engineering (MIE) is an advanced multi-discipline technology combining Electronic Information Technology with biomedical Engineering. It focuses on application of modern science and technology to life science and its integration. The MIE major is earliest program approved by the Ministry of Education in China.  The Department of Medical Information Engineering offers one master’s degree with four concentrations including medical electronics, medical signal and image processing, modern medical instruments, and medical information system. In the past three years, the Department conducted many research projects supported by the state, province and the school.  40 papers are published and several are selected by three great indexes. The Department established MIE Laboratory supported by “523” Education Program.
Basic Research and Teaching Experiment Center for Electrical Engineering and Electronic Techniques is a special institution affiliated to SEEI, serving in teaching a series of basic courses of electrical engineering and electronic technology, enhancing students’ experience in industrial practice with experiments in the areas concerned, and making the laboratory facilities available to students to take individual hands-on works of analyses and design on electronic circuits in Sichuan University. The Center plays a role as an intensive training base for the students selected to participate the National University Student Electronic Design Competition every year, and also as a training base for all of the students in Sichuan University taking part in scientific and technologic activities during the after school times.  The Center, support by the University, School of Electrical Engineering and Information, and School of Electronic Engineering and Information Technology, involves in areas of electrical engineering and automation, computer science and engineering, control science and technology, electronic science and technology, information and communication engineering, and optical science and technology, etc..
The Center offers one master’s program in Electrical Theory and New Technology, and consists of four fundamental teaching labs, four multi-tech labs, two practical training base, and one innovation research base, all housed in a modern building that includes more than 4,000 square meters of lab space, more than 1300 pieces of lab facilities etc.. The Center has already established the established the scientific configuration in both teaching and experiment, ensured experimental methods in a novel and advanced mode. The Center offers totally 14 courses including Circuit Theory, Basic analog Electronic Techniques, Basic Digital Electronic Techniques, Basic Electrical Engineering, and Electronic Design Automation, etc., and more than 1300 specific teaching and research experiments in labs to meet the needs of students in different colleges of Sichuan University.  Currently the Center holds 2 provincial key courses: Circuit Theory and Basic Electrical Engineering, as well as 2 Exquisite course of the university, Signal and Systems and Basic Electronic Techniques.
In order to optimize teaching experiment system, share the experimental resources and follow the guidelines of running school Strengthen foundations, extend caliber and pay attention to practice and the scheme of teaching grade and modular, the Technical Research and Teaching Experiment Center for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology was established jointly in 2001 with all the departments and open to the faculty and students for their research and course work experiments. The Center is indeed an education base provides a broad range of technical experiments to meet the needs of all the specialties. At present the Center is composed of a large number of professional laboratories and one Intelligent Electric Power Grid Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province. The Center is housed in a modern building with space about 3000 square-meters and well equipped with more than 1300 facilities.
Annually the Center offers experimental and practical training works for over 1000 students including course work experimental and design, comprehensive training and graduation design, etc. Recently the Center has new-edited and revised over 20 copies of experiment instruction or guide-books. The total number of experiments conducted in the Center each year is over 200, the contents of the experiments are contented with more than 40 courses.



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