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Undergraduate Programs
Medical Information Engineering (MIE) is the application and combination of Electronics, Computer, Communication, Intelligent Instrument, Sensor Detection, Medical Instrument and Biology in the field of Life Sciences. The program cultivates the practicable students with specialty, practicability, knowledge and proficiency on biomedical information acquisition, transfers, disposal, analysis & MU in the areas of Bio-Medical Electronics and Information Instruments.

Electrical Engineering and Information programs adopt an education mode of  “1.5 years+2.5 years”. For the 1st stage, students are educated by foundation courses, like general foundation courses for all undergraduates and professional basic courses for engineering students. They are taught to widen and enforce their professional basis and integrated use of knowledge. For the 2nd stage, on the basis of understanding certain majors of Electrical Engineering, students can declare specific majors and concentrations according to their own interests & the needs of market economy under supervision of advisors.
The Electrical Engineering & Automation program cultivates students with the full scale knowledge of electrical power system and automation, relay protection and automatic remote techniques, power market, high voltage and insulation techniques, power electronics techniques, motor control, engaged in the related works like systems operation, control management, information disposal, technical economics doing research, engineering design, technological development, marketing, etc.
Automation programs cultivate scientific talents with full-scale knowledge, practicability and creativity, and develop cultivation of science and being well trained in scientific development, management and engineering. Students should also be professional in doing system analysis, design, operation, management and scientific development in areas of manufacture automation, electrical automation, office automation, applied computer technologies, and information disposal.
Communication engineering cultivates advanced engineering talents with the knowledge of communication technology, communication system, electric information system, communication net and computer; and with the technologies of information detection, communication, exchanging, disposal and control.



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