The First Career Plan Competition for SEEI Students Closed Successfully
7:00PM on April 1, 2011, the First Career Plan Competition for SEEI Students was held successfully at 1st Teaching Building B103 of Jiang’an Campus. This Competition was proposed by SEEI Youth League Job Hunting and Business Taking-up Club. A lot of freshmen and sophomores participated in the Competition.
During the Competition, contestants showed themselves by singing, poetry reading, and magic show, etc.. Then they presented ideas on short term and long term career plan on the basis of analyzing social environment and strength of themselves objectively. Judges questioned very harshly but all their harsh questions was answered well, which won cheers of audiences. All the contestants were questioned by audiences too. After hot competition, the winners beat their competitors and won the prize.
This Competition is not only a platform for students to improve abilities in public speaking and innovation, but also a good chance for students to learn more about career plan and get ready for life after graduation.


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