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◇About employment contracts termination
The employment work of 2010 graduates is going on well, but some students apply for the contract breaking. According to the relative policies of University, once contract breaking could be accepted and handled after Jan.1st 2010 on the condition that the contract termination is resulted in objective and particular reasons.
1、Students with intentions of contract termination should apply to The School of Electrical Engineering and Information by showing relative documents (list of documents can be found behind).
2、The employment supervisors should strictly investigate whether the violation reasons are real and reasonable. After the document checking finished, the employment supervisors should fill their views and sign in the blank “the school opinion” in the 《Application form for graduates contract breaking》. Importantly, the seal of school must be affixed. (Some special cases must be reported to the vice secretary of school)
3、Students can make the approval procedure and get new agreement in the employment guidance center by showing their documents examined by school.
Documents list:
1、《Application form for graduates contract breaking》
2、The verifying letter for the former contract organization (company) accepting the contract breaking (with seal);
3、The employment letter from recent organization (company);
4、The former 《employment agreement》 in quadruplicate ( The original script kept by student is acceptable);
   Processing time:
1、The current term: the working days during 2010.01.04-2010.01.29
2、The next term: the working days during 2010.03.01-2010.05.31

Attention: Students dealing with the contract breaking must apply on the employment net first, or the application in written would not be accepted.



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