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Documents for applying the State Financial Aid
1、Two photos of visa standard
2、The original proof letter (testifying living difficulty)   and its copy issued by the civil administration departments of country, town and street
3、The copies of ID & Sichuan University student card
4、The ID number of parents
5、The application form for the state education fund authorized by school (with seal)
6、Transcript (university entrance examination result, postgraduate entrance examination result or proof of recommendation for college must be provided by new students)
7、The bank account (card) opened in Sichuan University sub branch of China Bank (located in Jiang An campus Shangye street) or in Nanyuan branch of China Bank (located in Wang Jiang campus) is needed. Meanwhile, a copy account balance is necessary
8、A copy of the residence booklet
9、ID or employee card of social tutor



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