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The Southern State Grid Peaking & Frequency Adjustment Company
Time:  12:00 2009.12.18
Location: 201 of employment guidance center
Detail information can be found in the employment and enrollment website of Sichuan University
The Electric Power Company of Zhejiang Province
Organizations (companies) include: Hangzhou Electric power bureau, Ningbo Electric power bureau, Wenzhou Electric power bureau, Jiaxing Electric power bureau, Shaoxing Electric power bureau, Jinhua Electric power bureau, Quzhou Electric power bureau, Taizhou Electric power bureau, Zhoushan Electric power bureau, The Electric power test and researching institute of Zhejiang.
Time: 8:30 am, Dec.19th
Location: JB118
Major demand: Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electric Power system and Automation, High Voltage & Insulation skill, other relative majors about electric power system



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