Department of Electrical Engineering
  The Department of Electrical Engineering can be traced back to the Department of Electrical Machinery of the former Chengdu Institute of Technology and the Department of Electrical Engineering of the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology. We offer one doctoral program (Power System and Its Automation), four master's programs (Power System and Its Automation, Power Electronics and Power Drives, Electric Machinery and Electric Apparatus, High Voltage and Insulation Technology), one Meng. program (Electrical Engineering), and one undergraduate program (Electrical Engineering and Its Automation).
        An erudite faculty work within this discipline. Each year, an endless stream of young talents with doctoral degrees join us and start their teaching and research careers under the guidance of experienced teachers. We have accomplished a lot of teaching tasks and undertaken multiple vertical and horizontal projects, including major and general projects funded by NSFC and major engineering research projects financed by the State Grid Corporation of China. Our main areas of research include: power market, power system analysis and control, flexible AC transmission system, power system security and stability control, scheduling automation and distribution automation, fault diagnosis and control in electrical equipment, power quality control technology, power supply technology, power transmission control, power cable insulation and repair technology, high voltage technology, renewable energy power generation, and distributed generation and micro-grid technology.
        The Department of Electrical Engineering admits about 200 undergraduates and 90 doctor’s and master’s degree candidates each year. The main courses offered under the Electrical Engineering and Its Automation undergraduate program include Electrical Engineering, Power System Analysis, Power Electronics, Electrical Components of Power Plants, Automatic Control Theory, Principles in Relay Protection, High Voltage Technology, Power System Scheduling Automation, Electricity Market, and other courses related to the operation of large power grids and smart grids.
        Our students have a wide array of options when they graduate. They are mainly employed in the electric power industry such as power grid companies, power plants, research institutes, design institutes, equipment manufacturers, teaching & training organizations, as well as medium- and large-sized power consumption enterprises and electrical manufacturers. Our excellent alumni working in the electric power industry are making remarkable contributions to its development.


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