Department of Communication Engineering
  The Department of Communication Engineering was originally the Information Engineering teaching and research section of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology. In light of the development of the state and the development plan of the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Communication Engineering program and its teaching and research section were set up in 1987. As a result of departmental adjustment which took place in 1990, the Department of Electrical Engineering developed into the College of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Communication Engineering teaching and research section became the Department of Communication Engineering, under which the Communication Engineering program was set up. The Department of Communication Engineering offers one master's program in Signal and Information Processing, and one undergraduate program (Communication Engineering). We admit nearly 60 undergraduates and 15 postgraduates each year.
  The Department of Communication Engineering relies on the unified scientific research and teaching platform of the college and cooperates with domestic scientific research institutes, operation companies and the State Grid in traditional communication, smart grid communication, and signal & information processing. We have made a series of achievements in related fields such as theoretical research, technology development and services, and engineering application. Our main areas of research include modern signal processing, intelligent power grid information and communication technology, intelligent optical network, wireless communication technology, and IOT technology and applications.
The main courses offered under the Communication Engineering program are Principles of Communication System II, Digital Signal Processing, Broadband Communication Engineering Network, Optical Fiber Communication Engineering, Principles of Digital Program Control Switching, Mobile Communication Engineering, Broadband Network Technology, Digital Image Processing, Digital Audio & Video Technology, and Information Theory and Coding. The main hands-on activities include computer-aided training, electronics technology internship, comprehensive experiments with circuits, production internship, curriculum design, and graduation design. The main professional experiments include communication theory experiments, electronic circuit experiments, digital system and logic design experiments, and electromagnetic field experiments.
  The Department of Communication Engineering has carried out intensive cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Huawei Communications, ZTE Communications, and Sichuan Communication Services Company. Through cooperation aimed at training excellent engineers and graduation field work, our students have been able to enhance their practical abilities so they can be better prepared for future endeavors after graduation. The Communication Engineering program is one of the first batch of programs of Sichuan University to gain membership of the national "Excellent Engineers Training Program". Our students are generally welcomed by employers.
After graduation, our students can work at government agencies involved in information processing for the national economy, industries of national defense, major companies, and enterprises and institutions, and engage in design, installation, commissioning, operations, and management involving modern communications technology, communication equipment and systems like optical fiber communications, mobile communications, and computer communications.


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