Technical Research and Teaching Experiment Center for Electrical Engineering and Information Techn
  The Technical Research and Teaching Experiment Center for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology was established in 1999. It is a professional experiment base built by the College to adapt to the development and needs of higher education in the new century and to respond to national strategies. The future-embracing center mainly involves in undergraduate graduation. It has regrouped and optimized more than 20 independent laboratories of three programs—electrical engineering, automation, and communication engineering—and assimilated the medical information engineering laboratory, achieving a high degree of sharing and unified management of resources, interdisciplinary collaboration and mutual promotion, rapid improvement of experiment facilities, upgrading of the experiment technical team and their experiment and teaching expertise, and the improvement of experiment teaching. Every year, we carry out undergraduate course experiments, curriculum design, comprehensive hands-on activities, graduation project (thesis) and independent and innovative experiments, serving more than 1,200 students from four major programs of the college (Electrical Engineering, Automation, Communication Engineering and Medical Information Engineering), and provide experiment opportunities for students in preparation for all kinds of creative activities and competitions.
  With a construction area of about 4,000 square meters and an independent experiment building, the center is located on Wangjiang Campus of Sichuan University. The center has 16 functional laboratories and 3 provincial key laboratories jointly established with units related to the college—Sichuan Provincial Smart Grid Key Laboratory, Sichuan Provincial Power Quality and Electromagnetic Environment Laboratory, and Sichuan Provincial Information and Automation Technology Laboratory. The center has over 3,000 sets of various equipment, which is worth more than 30 million RMB.
  In the past five years, a multiplicity of funds supplied by the "523 Laboratory Construction Special Project", the "985 Laboratory Construction Special Project", the "State Finance Special Project" and the "School-Enterprise Joint Construction Special Project”have enabled the center to make remarkable progress in laboratory building. We will keep abreast with the latest developments in science and technology, endeavor to meet market demand for talent, and strive to build an experiment platform featuring interdisciplinary collaboration between the core technologies of electric power, automation, and communication. Multi-discipline and multi-technology integration not only enriches the functions of the experiment system and further enhances experiment expertise, it also bridges the divide between experiments and actual engineering and industrial sites, providing experiment conditions that match real situations. The power system comprehensive laboratory, the high voltage laboratory, the new energy technology laboratory, the motion control and robotics laboratory, and the smart grid informatization laboratory have stood out with distinctive features. In addition, the on-campus excellent engineers training base constructed in the center for the electrical engineering program and the communication engineering program has become an important practical base for us to deliver talent with expertise in electrical engineering and information technology. It has supplied society with innovative engineers and entrepreneurs with broad knowledge and comprehensive capabilities and has increased the competitiveness of our students in the human resources market.


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