Basic Research and Teaching Experiment Center for Electrical Engineering and Electronic Techniques
  The Basic Research and Teaching Experiment Center for Electrical Engineering and Electronic Techniques is a university-level center open to the whole university for carrying out basic courses, field work and electronic internship in electrical and electronical technology. It is also a training base where students carry out extracurricular activities related to electrical and electronical technology and where preparations are made for the National Electronics Design Contest. In 2007, it was rated as a demonstration center for basic courses in Sichuan Province. In 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the construction of Superconductivity and New Energy Center, a national mass entrepreneurship and innovation base sub-platform.
  The center has 14 teachers teaching theoretical courses, 15 lab technicians, 4 basic teaching laboratories, 4 comprehensive design laboratories, 2 internship bases, 1 innovation activity base, and 1 national-level demonstrative base. An experiment environment where teaching and field work are properly configured has been built to meet the needs of undergraduate students under different programs of the whole university for opportunities to do experiments.
  The center offers 14 courses for the whole university. They include "Basics of Electrical Technology", “Fundamentals of Electronic Technology", "Circuit Theory", "Engineering Electromagnetic Field", "Analog Electronic Technology", "Digital Electronic Technology" and "Electronic Internship" as well as supporting experiments. The center offers 2 provincial key courses—“Basics of Electrical Technology”and "Basic Analog Electronics", and 2 school-level quality courses—“Circuit Theory” and “signals and systems”.
  The center offers one master's program: Electrical Theory and New Technology, which deals with new superconductor electrical technology, electromagnetic energy and power network signal detection and control technology, new energy and power electronics technology, and smart grid condition monitoring and safe operation. Our students are mainly employed in power-related enterprises, new energy equipment development companies, IT communications companies, as well as high-tech companies.


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