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Associate Professors
Liu, Junyong
Professor, Doctoral Tutor, President of SEEI
Male, born in January 1963
Education Background: Ph.D from Brunel University, UK
Research Interests: intelligent grid, power market, power system analysis and control, flexible AC transmission systems, applied computer science
Projects undertaken: National Natural Science Foundation sponsored projects, MOE Backbone Teachers Foundation sponsored projects, projects supported by “973” National Key Basic Research Plan, research projects of domestic power companies in Beijing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangdong and Shanghai, and international power company in Myanmar
Publications: more than 180 papers in professional journals and conferences
Professor, Doctoral Tutor
Male, born on Sep.15, 1946
Education Background: M.S.
Research Interests: Modeling, Optimization and Control of Complicated Systems, Systems Identification, Adaptive Control, Nonlinear Control Systems
Professor, Doctoral Tutor
Male, born in February 1961
Education Background: Post-doctoral research in Medical Electronic Information
Research Interests: Biomedical Engineering & Biophysics, Electronics Information & Net Technology
Add: Department of Medical Information Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Information, Sichuan University
Tel: 0086-28-85406882
Liu, Tianqi
Professor, Doctoral Tutor
Female, born in October 1962
Education Background: Ph.D
Research Interests: Power System Security Analysis and Stability control, HVDC, Dispatch Automation and Distribution Automation, Smart Grid, load forecast and Optimal Power Dispatch
Professor, Graduate Advisor, General Secretary of SEEI Party Committee
Male, born in May 1965
Education Background: Ph.D in Complex Systems Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan; M.Eng. and B.Eng.in Electrical Power System and Automation, Sichuan University
Research Interests: power system analysis, voltage stability, power system optimization
Lu, Lin
Professor, Graduate Advisor, Director of Department of Electrical Engineering, SEEI
Male, born in August 1963
Education Background: M.S. from Chengdu University of Science and Technology, China
Research Interests: power system analysis and control, power market and smart grid
Liu, Nian
Professor, Graduate Advisor
Male, born in 1956
Education Background: B.S. degree, M.S. degree and Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Chongqing University, China
Research interests: fault diagnosis and control in electric equipment, pattern recognition, light-electronic image processing, electromagnetic analysis,signal processing for high voltage engineering in power systems
Lei, Yong
Professor, Graduate Advisor, Vice President of SEEI
Male, born in October 1966
Education Background: Ph.D
Research Interests: Theory of Electrical Circuits & New Technologies, Intelligent testing & controlling, Robot, Signal & Information Procession
Shu, Qin
Professor, Graduate Advisor, Vice President of SEEI
Male, born in November 1958
Education Background: PhD in Signal and Information Processing from University of Science and Technology of China, M.S from Sichuan University, B.S. from Chongqing University
Research Interests: Deconvolution, blind signal processing
Research projects: Prof. Shu has undertaken and completed more than 40 researches projects sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China, National Defense Fund for Pre-Researches, Sichuan Province Science and Technology Support Plan, and companies concerned. 30 papers are published in professional journals. In addition, Prof. Shu has been granted the honor of 3rd Class Award for Scientific Improvement of Sichuan Province twice.
Professor, Graduate Advisor
Male, born in January 1956,
Education Background: Ph.D and M.S. in Control Engineering from Osaka University, Japan, B.S. in Industrial Automation from South China University of Technology, visiting scholar at University of Leicester,UK in 1994
Research Interests: advanced control theories and methods including intelligent control, internal model control, robust control etc.
Projects undertaken: projects sponsored by MOE Excellent Young Teachers Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation, and funds of Sichuan Province
Publications: 2 books, more than 70 papers and 20 translation works, among which more than 20 are selected by SCI,EI and ISTP.
Professor, Graduate Advisor
Male, born in July 1965
Education Background: Master of Philosophy
Research Interests: power quality control techniques, high-frequency switched power supplies, power supplies for special applications, control techniques for electric drives



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