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As one of the 37 exemplary software engineering colleges approved by the Ministry of Education and the former State Development and Planning Commission,  College of Software Engineering (CSE) of Sichuan University was established in December 2001in line with the increased demand for trained computer personnel. The college aims to foster professional talents with competence and compound skills and bring new force to the software industry in China. In May 2005, the College merged with the College of Computer Science to integrate the teaching and research resources of both colleges.


NowCollege of Software Engineering has a first-class disciplines to grant Doctorate Degrees on Software Engineering. CSE offers a Bachelor of Software Engineering, a Master of Software Engineering (with both a MSc degree and a certificate from SU), a Master of Software Engineering (with a MEng degree), and a second Bachelor degree program of Software Engineering. There are over 1300 undergraduates and over 600 graduates.


College of Software Engineering has three departments: Department of Software Engineering, Department of Network & Information Security, and Department of Digital Entertainment. To ensure that the teaching and research work under different departments go on smoothly, CSE runs a Professor Committee, an Advisory Committee and a Teaching Quality Supervision Team.


The teaching staff comprises full time academics in the College as well as part-time lecturers from other colleges and departments within the University. There are 34 full time academic staff and over 50 part-time lecturers. More than 80% of the full time academics have PhD degrees, and 9 of them are from IT companies and 18 of them have an educational background in overseas universities. Besides, a number of eminent people from other universities, research organizations and IT companies in China and around the world are also invited to teach in the College as part of the strategy to further develop the College’s links to the community and to draw upon their experience and expertise in practicing.


College of Software Engineering has several research efforts which conduct research on software engineering technologies, information security, digital entertainment, intelligent computing, computer image and graphics, internet technology, air traffic control system and geographical information system. The teaching and research academics of the college have participated in more than 50 research programs, and have published 350 research papers with many in core journals.


The College enjoys favorable facilities. The College now has a building with a floor space of 13,000 square meters, offering over 400 PCs in 4 laboratories for the students to use.


College of Software Engineering provides hands-on and applied programs of study emphasizing the application of engineering and computer principles to solving complex problems. The courses have been specially designed in response to industry demand to produce graduate with strong communication skills, critical analysis and problem-solving ability. For the Bachelor in Software Engineering program, 70% of the courses are delivered in English or bilingually, core units from Carnegie Melon University are introduced and teachers from overseas universities are invited to deliver courses in the summer semester, so that students can not only have a sound theoretical foundation but also master the latest cutting-edge technology. The program also involves the students in spending 1/3 of the study time in labs for projects, relating theory to practice and learning by doing.


College of Software Engineering strongly endorses international exchanges and cooperation. It has established good relationships with more than 30 famous IT companies domestically and internationally, and has entered into agreements with well-known overseas universities like Carnegie Mellon University, the State University of New York at Binghamton, Monash University, Waseda University, University of Maryland, The National University of Singapore, University of Tampere, on issues of joint programs, staff training and research collaboration.


          College of Software Engineering Sichuan University
          No. 24 South Section 1, Yihuan Road,
          Chengdu Sichuan, China, 610065
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