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2012 Advanced Symposium of IOT and Big Data Held in Our College

At 8:30 on December 16, the 2012 Advanced Symposium of IOT and Big Data made an opening ceremony at Ke Hua Yuan Hotel conference room. This symposium is organized by China Computer Federation Technical Committee on Sensor Network, and is undertaken by CCS & CSE of Sichuan University. Renowned experts, scholars from different universities have been invited. The keynote speakers of this symposium are Professor Li Xiangyang of Illinois Institute of Technology, Professor Cao Jiannong of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Li Jianzhong of Harbin Institute of Technology, Professor Ma Huadong of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, IBM Greater China Chief Data Architect Dr. Liu Jingwei, Professor Zhang Lei of Sichuan University, and Chief Data Scientist of Renren Games Dr. Chen Jidong, etc. As the operator of this symposium, CCS & CSE Dean Professor Zhang Yi and Vice-Dean Professor Peng Jian attended the symposium.

The conference officially got started at 9 o’clock in the morning. Vice-director of China Computer Federation Technical Committee on Sensor Network Professor Ma Huadong hosted the conference. Director of the Committee Professor Li Jianzhong introduced the theme of this symposium, followed by a welcome speech from Professor Zhang Yi, Dean of CCS & CSE.

Afterward, Professor Cao Jiannong, Professor Li Xiangyang and Professor Li Jianzhong gave their reports. Professor Cao Jiannong’s research mainly focuses on parallel, distributed computation and computer networks. His report is titled Challenges in Big Data Application Development and constituted with four parts: Big Data, Big Data Programming, Challenges, and Summary. The theme of Professor Li Xiangyang is Privacy Preserving Computation in Mobile Crowd Sourcing and Computing; and the theme of Professor Li Jianzhong’s report is Big Data Computing, Basic Concepts, Research Area and Partial Solution. The research area of Professor Li Jianzhong is mass data computation and WSN (wireless sensor network). His report introduced relevant issues on Big Data from the aspects of its origin and development, challenge, research questions and partial solution.

In the conference, the participants actively involved in the academic exchange and discussions, made the meeting a quite intense atmosphere.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, the symposium moved on. The conference of afternoon was hosted by vice-director of the committee Professor Sun Limin and Professor Peng Jian, vice-dean of our college.

Professor Ma Huadong, Dr. Liu Jingwei, Professor Zhang Lei and Dr. Chen Jidong made their reports, titled respectively Multimedia Data Processing of IOT Environment, Big Data and IOT Industry and its Application on Medical Industry, Machine Intelligent Method for Big Data, and Application of Big Data Analysis on Mobile Internet. They started with their engaged research field, introduced in detail and targeted about the Internet of Things and Big Data, combined with the actual case, presented their own point of views on the future development direction.

Then, Professor Li Jianzhong presided over a meeting of all members for discussion. The experts had a thorough discussion on problems occurred from practical application of big data in internet, shared their own views, and achieved a good results.

This symposium was rigorous in study, and the atmosphere was warm and united. The efficient and attentive service from our college has been praised by all the members of the special committee.

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